Scarlet: Iron Angels MC, Book Three by Samantha McCoy


True innocence will be Lost. Courage will be Gained. Bravery will be Tested.

Kristen “Scarlet” Kimber was a social worker by day and an Iron Angel by night – sort of. Sheltered from the MC life, and the youngest of the Kimber sisters, Scarlet had little to do with what happened behind the scenes, or in front of them for that matter. Many called her naïve. Some said she looked at the world with rose-colored glasses, but they were wrong. Scarlet had seen her fair share of the ugliness in the world. Or so she thought… When she is forced in the middle of a war between one of her sisters and a human trafficking king, Scarlet’s eyes are forced to witness things she will never be able to un-see. Left to rely on herself, Scarlet must dig deep for a courage she never possessed.
Rayden Wright is a police detective with a strong sense of loyalty and family. When his twin brother needs his help, Rayden drops everything – including his job. Teaming up with two of the most powerful MC’s in the state, Rayden is in for a fight against the people who took Scarlet and with himself. One battle he will win; the other he will lose.
Love isn’t always about wine and roses. Sometimes its filled with bumps and bruises; and other times, with kidnappings and explosives! Trust will need to be earned. Faith will need to be restored. And the truest test of loyalty, has just barely begun.

My Review:

Scarlet: Iron Angels MC, Book ThreeScarlet: Iron Angels MC, Book Three by Samantha McCoy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve followed this author since her first book release. I can only say that each book continues to be better than the last. So far, she has written two connected series, The Devil’s Henchmen MC and the Iron Angels MC. Scarlet is book 3 of the Iron Angels, and so far, my favorite!

Scarlet is the “little sister”. The one that everyone protects from the harsher aspects of life, keeping her innocent, sheltered, isolated from the rougher parts of MC life. Despite her job as a social worker, she maintains a sunny outlook on life. Until tragic circumstances almost break her, causing her to become someone she doesn’t recognize in herself. She has to reevaluate who she is, what she wants from life.

This book is all about redemption, new beginnings, and finding yourself through the harshest of circumstances. There is a lot of emotion in this book, and some harsh scenes that some may have trouble with. There were a few times that I couldn’t stop the tears, and a few that I laughed until I cried. I loved how strong Scarlet was, despite her feelings of weakness. I loved how steamy the connection was between Scarlet and her man! It was beyond HOT, but at times so sweet I couldn’t help but swoon! Amazing story!

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