Copper (Hell’s Handlers MC) by Lilly Atlas


Enormous, muscular, commanding, and hotter than sin, Copper is the only man Shell has ever wanted. Even as a young teen, when it was impossible and taboo to capture the attention of a grown man, she longed for him. For years, Shell clung to the dream of turning eighteen and finally being noticed by the Hell’s Handlers’ rough and gruff president. But the universe had other plans, and she was forced to make a horrible choice. A choice that altered the course of her life forever, sealing her fate and ensuring the dream of being Copper’s ol’ lady would never materialize.

Sixteen years his junior. Daughter of his MC’s former president. Single mother whose deadbeat sperm donor doesn’t provide an ounce of support. Loved as a younger sister by every man in the club. The list of reasons goes on for Copper to stay away from Shell. Problem is, he’s been hot for her for years. Copper finally gets some relief when she moves out of Tennessee for a few years, but once she’s back, all those reasons to keep his distance grow weaker by the day.

Unable to fight against his own judgment any longer, Copper finally claims Shell for his own. But once again the universe steps in, revealing secrets with the power to destroy them both.

Shell will do anything for Copper, even tear out her own heart and confront the most agonizing parts of her past. But will she be too late to save her dream? Will she be too late to save Copper?

My Review:

CopperCopper by Lilly Atlas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was epic! Surprises around every corner, hot bikers, and enduring love combine to form a book that will stick in my mind for a long time to come. I’ve enjoyed books by this author before, but I’ve got to say, I really think this one is my favorite!

Shell was brought up in the MC. Her dad was president, until his death. Circumstances beyond her control force decisions that one as young as she was shouldn’t have to make. Years later, she comes home, young daughter in tow, to find the one that held her heart then, still brings out those same feelings.

Copper is everything you’d expect in a biker president. He is a rough, hard drinking, hard living man. These aren’t your guys next door, or college frat boys. These are men’s men, and Copper is tougher than most. He has feelings for Shell, but knows he is way too old for her. But there is more going on than Copper knows, more than he ever could have imagined.

This entire series is amazing, and each book just gets more fantastic. I loved the amazing connection Shell and Copper had, the heat that just seemed to build the farther I got into their story. This book is an absolute must read!

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