Porterhouse (Grade-A Beefcakes, Book 4) by Vanessa Vale


Meet-or should I say meat-Porter Duke. He doesn’t claim a woman with his big beef all alone. Because Cyrus Jones has what it takes to satisfy the hungriest appetite.

Remember, with a Vanessa Vale book, one cowboy is never enough. In this smokin’ hot series, each heroine gets an extra helping (or two) of Grade-A Beefcake.

My Review:

Porterhouse (Grade-A Beefcakes Book 4)Porterhouse by Vanessa Vale

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Once again, this author has given us a book that delivers both laughs and a steamy story line, to draw the reader in. This book seems to be a bit shorter than the others in the series, so things may seem a bit rushed to some. I don’t feel that way, because the story begins after they have been dating for a bit. We catch up with the story when Jill has decided to make a big decision!

Jill has a few hangups, and her life hasn’t been a bed of roses. But she is a hard worker, and knows how to make her own dreams come true. Now, she realizes she has feelings for two men, and isn’t sure what to do next!

I enjoyed this story, and the fiery connection between the characters. I enjoyed how patient the guys were with Jill, and how supportive they were of her (even when she was resistant!) There was just enough drama in this story to satisfy my need for a serious story line, but not enough to take away from relationship being the main focus. Definitely a great addition to the Duke family saga!

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