The Last Letter by Rebecca Yarros


If you’re reading this, well, you know the “last-letter” drill. You made it. I didn’t. Get off the guilt train, because I know if there were any chance you could have saved me, you would have.
I need one thing from you: Get out of the army and get to Telluride.
My little sister Ella’s raising the twins alone. She’s too independent and won’t accept help easily, but she has lost our grandmother, our parents, and now me. It’s too much for anyone to endure. It’s not fair.
And here’s the kicker: there’s something else you don’t know that’s tearing her family apart. She’s going to need help.
So if I’m gone, that means I can’t be there for Ella. I can’t help them through this. But you can. So I’m begging you, as my best friend, go take care of my sister, my family.
Please don’t make her go through it alone.

My Review:

The Last LetterThe Last Letter by Rebecca Yarros

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It took me a while to read this book, because it’s as emotionally devastating as it is amazing. I think I cried throughout most of the story. And while the author stomped on my heart, and left it lying on the sidewalk, there was a depth to the story, and a sincere, meaningful connection to the characters that is seldom seen in a romance novel.

The basic story is pretty simple. Two men serve in the military together, forming a bond. One has family, one does not. Since he doesn’t have family, Beckett forms a “pen pal” type relationship with his buddy’s sister back home. Seems pretty uncomplicated, right? WRONG! Beckett comes home, after loosing his friend, broken and alone. He has a letter from his friend, urging him to go to Ella, saying she will need him. Here is where the tears start. Ella has been dealt a hand that few can come back from. She has a strength of character that shows in everything she does, every choice she makes, every word she says. My heart hurts for her. I cried copious tears for her. And at the same time, I look up to her for her amazing grace handling life’s devastating blows.

This book is absolutely one you will either love or hate. There is no in between. It is amazingly well written, a beautiful example of love, loyalty, and support. But it is also an emotional roller coaster that will not soon leave the reader. It isn’t a light read, but rather a serious, slow burn romance that will stick with you long after you close the book.

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