Cover Reveal for Sable: Iron Angels MC, Book Four by Samantha McCoy

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♥︎.•° Surprise!!!  COVER REVEAL °•.♥︎

°•.♥︎ Sable: Iron Angels MC, Book Four ♥︎.•°

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Pain. Hurt. Devastation.

Three words Christina “Sable” Kimber knew more about than any one person should. Finding love was supposed to be the ultimate gift, but for her – it was the beginning of the end. Broken, Sable fights a darkness that seems to be swallowing her whole and she vows to never let another man get close to her again. Alienating herself from family and friends, Sable finds herself giving up on life and leaving the city she had always called home.

Mistrust. Betrayal. Destruction.

Tatum Stone knew hurt. After leaving a toxic relationship, all he wanted was a quiet, simple life for himself and his daughter. Moving across the country, he settled into a small Chicago townhouse and created the exact thing he had always wanted. Finally, Tatum had found his place in the world. A place he could easily call home and for once, everything was perfect – or so he thought.

Shortly after the beautiful redhead moves in next door, Tatum’s peace vanishes. He can see the damage of her past as if it were written across her skin. A part of him has an overwhelming need to reach out and help her pick up the pieces; however, another part is screaming for him to run before his deepest secret is revealed, but it may be too late.

Can two people that are so similar, yet so different, find love again? Or will the past refuse to stay where it belongs?

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Cover Designer: Tracie Douglas with Dark Water Covers



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Goodreads / Bookbub / Amazon (KU)

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