Into The Fire (Firefighters Do It Better Series) by Leah Sharelle


Lake Campbell’s world came crashing down with just one phone call.
Her parents were dead, and she was catapulted into a full-blown adult whether she was ready or not.
Without support from her boyfriend, Lake found herself a guardian to her siblings and the owner of the family’s fledging bakery, not to mention a house that was falling down around their ears.
Life as she knew it was changed forever. Especially when a hunky hose man walked into her bakery asking for catering … and a kiss.
All of a sudden her sexy daydreams of firemen with kittens and puppies became very real.

Carson Hogan had a lot on his plate. His ex-wife was spending money faster than he could earn it, his two daughters were out of control, and to his utter shock, becoming too much like their mother. And he was doing his best to protect his son from the crazy women in his life. Add a stressful but fulfilling job, he wasn’t looking for anything else.
At least he thought he wasn’t. Until he entered the bakery across the street to find a silver eyed blonde sprite begging for sex … sort of.

Love blossoms quickly between the two but with all the outside interferences promising to ruin their new found love, will they risk everything and walk into the fire and claim their happily ever after?

My Review:

Into The Fire (Firemen Do It Better)Into The Fire by Leah Sharelle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was so much fun! I couldn’t help but fall in love with the characters, and there were some turns that caught me by surprise! It’s different from previous books by this author, but still everything we’ve come to love about her writing!

Lake has had a life filled with hard knocks, but is still a happy person. She lost her parents at a time when most people are only beginning their adult lives, and took custody of he 2 minor siblings. She owns a struggling diner that she is determined to make successful. But regardless of how much is thrown at her, she goes about her day with a smile on her face. There is just one tiny thing missing from her life……

Carson is a firefighter, with a failed marriage behind him. He has 3 kids, and a crazy ex. He is content with his life, until he spots Lake when he goes to get cupcakes, and that was enough to change his whole world. Despite an age gap, and lack of support from his older children, there is an undeniable connection between Lake and Carson.

This book was really great. I enjoyed the banter between Carson and Lake, as well as their fiery connection. There were a few surprises along the way, that kept me reading, and the story was written in such a way, that I couldn’t help but be pulled into the story. I can’t wait for more stories in this series!

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