J is for… by L. DuBois


J is for… nothing?

There’s nothing on the BDSM checklist that starts with the letter J. That should mean Grif and Davina, an established Dom/sub pair, will have an easy weekend. But when the overseers of Las Palmas, LA’s most exclusive BDSM club, challenge them to push their personal boundaries, they’ll find that they don’t know each other as well as they think.

A simple challenge, a complicated relationship, and night that could change everything.

My Review:

J is for...J is for… by L. DuBois

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Right from the beginning, I could tell that this book was different from the other books in the series (so far). There is more going on here than you can see, to begin with, more than just a game thrown at them by the overseers. It’s more than just something to knock them out of their comfort zones, and that is what made this such an amazing read.

Davina and Grif are in a D/s relationship, but only inside the club. They know nothing about each other in the real world, but know everything about each other’s bodies, their wants and needs (or so they think). When the overseers game leads them down a path that neither are prepared for, things go from heated to electrically charged.

This book was a total surprise. I was prepared for heavy BDSM elements, a few surprises (this author always manages to take me off guard, even when I’m looking for it!) and some romance, but I wasn’t ready for the amazing connection that Davina and Grif had. I wasn’t expecting there to be such a sweet story hiding behind the BDSM world they are immersed in. And I never could have anticipated that ending! Absolutely perfect story!

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