Out Gamed by Lila Rose


Roman “Gamer” Power didn’t know what a good life was until he became a member of the Hawks MC and Talon took over as president. Happy from being needed with his skills on the computer, his life is content. He can even go without the woman he admires from afar. A woman he’s dreamed of having as his own for a long time.

But the time to stand back waiting for her to heal is gone.

Nancy Alexander’s world ended the day her husband died. All that keeps her going is the love of her kids and grandchildren. Happiness only makes itself known when her family is around. Then something changes. A certain biker, a certain young biker, shows her she’s not just a mother or grandmother. Instead, she’s something more to him.

With an age gap she’s unsure of and her heart still torn, can Nancy finally be out gamed by Gamer?

My Review:

Out GamedOut Gamed by Lila Rose

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A good book, IMHO, is one that brings out strong emotions. This is one author that has never failed to bring about some type of emotion in her writings. Whether it be tears, laughs, anger, or exasperation, I always feel something from her books. This book, is sure to be one of my favorites, because it left me with a big smile on my face, and a feeling of gladness in my heart!

Nancy has known the love of a good man, and the loss of him left her feeling empty. While she still has her children, and grandchildren, to keep her going, she knows there is something missing from her life, but doesn’t think there is any way to get past it. Gamer is a much younger man, a member of Nancy’s son-in-law’s MC, and has his own past. But he knows what he wants, and has the determination and patience to bide his time.

I cried when Nancy lost Rich. I’m not ashamed to say it. My heart hurt for her, and all of her family. This book lifted some of that, and their story was the one of second chances. I couldn’t help but enjoy their beautiful connection. This story just plain makes me happy!

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