Skirt Steak (Grade-A Beefcakes Book 5) by Vanessa Vale


The Duke boys were nicknamed for cuts of meat. Sir Loin Of Beef. T-Bone. Tri-Tip. Porterhouse. We were a ranching family after all. And me? I was known as Skirt Steak. I didn’t think much of it until Cash and Bennett, because they told me—and showed me—how much they liked my pink center, said it was juicy and lick-their-lips good.

I was going take their word for it. Every single time they made me come.

My Review:

Skirt Steak (Grade-A Beefcakes Book 5)Skirt Steak by Vanessa Vale

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The beefcakes are back! This book is steamy hot, and I couldn’t wait to read Julia Duke’s story. This book is a little different than the others in the series, a little bit more serious, but still just as electric!

Julia grew up as the only girl in a house full of Duke boys. Now they have all grown up, found their place in life, along with their partners, and Julie is all alone! Julia has had a run of bad luck, as far as relationships go, and doesn’t think she will ever find her happy. Until Bennett and Cash. But what begins as a promising future, soon takes a turn when someone’s hidden past comes back to haunt them.

This book was just as much fun as the other Beefcake stories. I enjoyed Julia, Bennett and Cash’s story, as well as the undeniable connection the three had. I enjoyed the glimpses we caught of the characters from previous books, and really hope this isn’t the last we see of the Dukes!

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