Nick – The Black Tuxedos MC by Darlene Tallman


Nick Johnson went through hell during his military tours. When he finally comes home, he’s no longer the person who left that sunny day. Unable to be around his family, he finds solace as a member of The Black Tuxedos MC. The brotherhood and camaraderie help him keep his PTSD at bay and when he takes over training at the sanctuary his president’s old lady starts, he finds his niche.

Shayla Hopkins has had a life that she sums up as craptastic. Forced to flee with her nine-month old, she finds herself in a small town struggling to survive. When Nick finds her living in her van, he steps in and she finds her life changing for the better.

Can Nick put the demons from his past to rest or will he continue on his self-destructive path despite his president’s best efforts? Will Shayla finally find the family she has always longed for with Nick and his extended family? Or will her past come back and put everyone she’s come to care about in danger?

My Review:

Nick - The Black Tuxedos MCNick – The Black Tuxedos MC by Darlene Tallman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely adored book 1 in the Black Tuxedos MC series, and have anxiously awaited Nick’s book. When I saw it had been published, I knew I had to have it, right then!

Nick played a strong role in Reese and Corrie’s story, and I knew he was having a hard time, assimilating back into civilian life, after his time in the military. What I didn’t know, was he also played a part in another, earlier book by this author (I’m keeping that secret for myself, though!) As I started reading, I have to admit, I had an “aha!” moment and got a little excited! But the more I read, the more my heart hurt for Nick. He was trying to deal with things on his own, when no veteran should have to go through that!

Shayla is such a strong woman! She has dealt with some pretty harsh blows from life, and come out stronger on the other side, never loosing her sunny outlook on life. She is absolutely perfect for Nick, exactly what he needs to pull him out of the funk he is in. And really, he is exactly what she needs, too.

This book was everything I was hoping for from Nick’s story! There was an instant connection between Nick and Shayla, one that goes way past simple attraction. It was absolutely beautiful! I’m definitely looking forward to more visits with the Black Tuxedos MC!

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