Travis (Grim Sinners MC Book 3) by LeAnn Ashers



Being the single mom of a beautiful five-year-old was hard. I’d struggled since the day I gave birth to my daughter when I was eighteen. So when we got the opportunity of a lifetime—to start over somewhere new—it was a no-brainer. We had to go.
What I never expected was to find him.

With one look, our whole world changed. Travis became everything to us. For once, we were carefree and happy. We had everything we’d always dreamed of.

Then things started happening…


Bailey came out of nowhere and changed my life completely. I’d never known what living was until her eyes connected with mine and my world imploded. My days now revolved around her and the beautiful little girl I loved as my own.

Bailey and her daughter were now my family, and I vowed to protect them at all costs.

What I never expected was for someone to want to hurt Bailey.

If he ever tries to breathe the same air as Bailey and Gabby again—that’ll be the last thing he’ll ever try to do. By the time it’s over, he’ll consider Hell a welcome treat.

My Review:

Travis (Grim Sinners MC Book 3)Travis by LeAnn Ashers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve loved reading all of the Devil’s Souls and Grim Sinners MC, and look forward to each new book being released. The stories are all fun, full of action, and have that insta-love factor that I adore! Travis and Bailey’s story is no exception, and is a must read, if you’ve enjoyed the other stories in the series. On a side note, the beginning of the story is in Smiley’s book, but it’s not necessary to have read it to get the full picture!

Travis is a hoot! I fell in love with his character in Wilder’s book, enjoying his antics and the way he tried to get on Wilder’s nerves. The love and support he showed Joslin was multiplied by a hundred when he saw Bailey, and his determination to give her the life she deserved made me swoon! Bailey has had a horrible life. Bad parents, and a cruel ex made for a miserable life, before the Grim Sinners rescued her. The one bright spot in her life, her daughter, has made life difficult, but she wouldn’t change it for anything.

This was a wonderful story, full of acceptance, and love. I loved how the entire MC family pulls together to show Bailey that family is what you make, not what you are born to. It is definitely going on the top of my re-read list, right with the rest of the series!


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