Until Merri (Happily Ever Alpha World) by Suzanne Halliday



Millicent – don’t call me Millie- Merriweather has had a thing for Tom Franklin since she was twelve years old. At the time he was a senior in high school, which meant her dreams of being his girl weren’t meant to be.

Her thirtieth birthday is getting closer by the hour, but she’s still crushing big time on her first love. The problem is her childhood crush is now her BFF and Merri isn’t sure how to get out of the friend zone.

With a divorce under his belt, a Purple Heart stashed in a drawer, and a business to run, Tom Franklin chooses to avoid the dating scene. Besides, no one interests him the way Merri does. If only they weren’t trapped in the friend zone.

When Tom needs a date for a banquet recognizing his dad, he asks Merri.
With everyone they know cheering them on from the sidelines,
the comically sexy misadventures of Tom and Merri begin.

What happens after that is a wild, laugh-filled, adventure.

Until Merri is part of the Happily Ever Alpha World, inspired by the Until Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds.

My Review:

Until MerriUntil Merri by Suzanne Halliday

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is absolutely freaking hilarious! I think I started laughing with the first line, and was still laughing through the end of the prologue! This is definitely a feel good, put you in a happy place book.

Merri is a hoot. She is a one of a kind, dances to her own drummer kind of girl. She is loyal to those she loves, and happy with her life. Except for one little thing. She’s in love with her best friend! And she just knows that there is no possibility that he could feel the same way. They have been friends since she was very young, and have stayed friends through military deployment, marriage, divorce, relationships, breakups. Is a friendship that true worth loosing to a possibility?

Tom is a tech genius who has spent the past several years, after leaving the military, building his business with his partner. Now, suddenly, his feelings for his best friend are changing in some not so subtle ways. He wants her to look at him differently too, but isn’t sure how she will react to the changes.

Tom and Merri’s story is one that will put a smile on your face. I couldn’t contain my hilarity at their interactions. I loved them together, since they were so absolutely perfect for each other. It was a beautiful story, full of friends to lovers romance, fun and excitement for new beginnings!

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