Excerpt Reveal for Izzy by Angera Allen

IZZY, Spin It book three, by Angera Allen is LIVE!!



The Women of Spin It, Inc.

Working for Lucas “Luc” Mancini’s record label is not for the faint of heart. Their lives are fast paced and filled with music, mayham and hot men.


Isabella Rogers, aka DJ Izzy, is an unstoppable, wealthy California girl living her dream in NY’s underground music scene. Full of energy with not a care in the world, her wild hair matches her electric personality that blares through the music she mixes.


Addicted to bad boys, Izzy finds herself in the clutches of dangerously domineering DJ Dominic. When tragedy hit the girls of Spin It Inc., and all hell breaks loose, she turns to her bodyguard Aengus ‘Gus’ Stone for help. Their volatile love/hate relationship explodes and leaves her questioning whether or not he really wants her, or if he’s just doing his job.


The mayhem that transpires in this installment of the Women of Spin It, Inc will have you on the edge of your seat!
Full Wrap

“Hey, good-looking?” I call out sliding my suitcase into the back seat before jumping into the passenger seat.

Gus chuckles, “Howaya, Doll?”

My belly does a flip hearing him call me Doll. It’s new, and I absofuckinglutely love it.

I buckle up as he pulls away from the curb. I turn in my seat, so I’m halfway facing him. It becomes quiet, and I start to doubt us again. We always have something to talk about. Well, usually I’m the talker while he listens.

“Rube, alright? Does she know me boys there?” Gus asks while keeping his eyes on the road.

I relax.

“No, she has no idea,” I say beaming with excitement.

“She’s going to kill me once she sees him. She was super upset with me that I couldn’t stay the weekend,” I explain feeling bad but know once Ruby sees Quick she’ll forget all about me.

Gus asks with concern laced in his voice. “She gonna be alright?”

“What, with Quick being there or dealing with Brody without me?” I question, not knowing what he’s asking.

“I mean with her cunt of an ex. I know Quick will take good care of her. He’s doting over her pretty hard.” Gus explains looking over his shoulder as he switches lanes.

Once he changes lanes, Gus looks over at me with a smile. Good-god, he’s gorgeous with his fire engine red hair totally disheveled with curls going every which way. His beard has gotten longer since I’ve been gone. I’m speechless.

“Wat?” Gus laughs.

I smile, shaking my head. I don’t want to tell him that I’m over here listing all the things I want to do to him as I am undressing him with my eyes, but the look in his eyes tells me he knows… exactly what I’m thinking. I’ve missed him.

“Doll, you’re freakin’ me out, not talkin’,” Gus says grabbing my hand and giving it a squeeze before lacing his fingers through mine.

I look down at our hands intertwined. I don’t want him to let go, so I place my other hand on top, locking his hand between mine.

“I’ve missed you,” I say nervously. I don’t lift my head to meet his eyes. Instead, I keep them focused on our joined hands.

Gus squeezes my hand in response before saying in a husky voice, “Yeah. We have a lot to discuss.” Just hearing those words my heart skips a beat as it fills with anticipation. I look up to see him watching me, but something out his driver side window catches my eye.

I scream, “Shit! Look–,” but it’s too late.

A car t-bones into us, crashing right into Gus’ side door. The last thing I see is the fear in Gus’ eyes before everything goes black.

Crazy, outgoing, adventurous, full of energy and talks faster than an auctioneer with a heart as big as the ocean… that is Angera. A born and raised California native, Angera is currently living and working in the Bay Area. Mom of a smart and sassy little girl, an English bulldog, two Siamese Cats and a fish named Red.
She spends her days running a successful law firm but in her spare time enjoys writing, reading, dancing, playing softball, spending time with family and making friends wherever she goes. She started writing after the birth of her daughter in 2012 and hasn’t been able to turn the voices off yet.
The Spin It series is inspired by the several years Angera spent married into the world of underground music and her undeniable love of dirty and gritty romance novels.


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