Biker Baby (Kings of Mayhem MC #3) by Penny Dee


I was about to make a huge mistake.
And when I say huge, I mean, approximately ten inches’ worth of mistake.
But after the week I’d had, this was just what I needed. A night of big bad mistakes with a big bad biker.

Honey Scott
Finding out your boyfriend is a cheating loser is a real buzz kill. Finding out you’re actually the other woman, is devastating. Call it temporary insanity, but I decide the best way to get over the loser I’d dated for two years is to get under a biker with tattoos, dimples and a hard body he knows how to use.

He’s going to make everything better with numerous mind-blowing orgasms. But just for one night.

Except one faulty condom means my one-night stand isn’t so one-night after all.

Caleb Calley
After a night of insane sex, the beautiful blue-eyed brunette gave me the slip. And even with all the women on offer afterwards, I can’t get her off my mind. So when she turns up at the Kings of Mayhem MC compound I’m quick to give her a second night of amazing sex and crazy orgasms. But this time, I’m not ready to let her go.

There’s just one problem— she’s not interested.

But if she thinks she’s going to give me the slip again, then she’s got another thing coming. I know she is keeping a secret from me but I don’t care what it is. I want her and I’m going to make her mine.

Biker Baby, book three in the Kings of Mayhem MC series

My Review:

Biker Baby (Kings of Mayhem MC, book #3)Biker Baby by Penny Dee

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book had everything that I love about MC romance, and took it up a notch! It had the MC lifestyle that I love reading about, but also the instant connection between the characters that makes for an amazing book. And while books 1 and 2 of the series need to be read in order, this books could totally be read as a stand alone (but I promise you won’t regret reading the other two in the series first!) There are mentions of some of the events from books 1 & 2, and some of the same characters, but this books events are completely separate.

Honey grew up with no father, and an unreliable mother. Her childhood pretty much ensured that she doesn’t really trust anyone, and her adulthood has only reinforced the fact that she does better on her own. So when a one night stand leads to …..more, she isn’t sure what to do about it.

Caleb grew up with the support of an entire club, on top of the love of his family. He doesn’t know what it’s like to be totally alone. He has embraced the club lifestyle, but lately, it just isn’t enough. There is just something about Honey, that makes him want more.

Caleb and Honey had a smoking hot connection that exploded from the very beginning, and just kept getting hotter. Even when I didn’t think they were ever going to be able to make it, there was still an undeniable draw between the two of them. This book was fantastic read, giving me everything I love in a romance and so much more. There were points where I had to stop reading to go back, thinking, “Did that really just happen?!?” There were surprises around every corner, and a connection that just wouldn’t quit! I’m loving the Kings of Mayhem MC and can’t wait to see what the author has in store for us next!


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