Rocket (Hell’s Handlers MC #5) by Lilly Atlas


Logan “Rocket” Carrera has a history he prefers to leave buried under prickly layers of standoffish personality. He’s seen and done things that would make most people lie awake at night. A master of compartmentalization, he’s never had trouble moving on until the night he rescues the redheaded Chloe from a sadistic gang.

Kidnapped, beaten, and abused by criminals, Chloe has a difficult time assimilating back into the world after the most traumatic experience of her life. With each passing day, her anxiety builds until she’s forced to find an outlet. Finally, Chloe discovers her own way to make sense of the world and steal a few moments of peace. There’s just one problem: she can’t tell a soul what she’s doing. Who could ever understand the risk she’s taking?

Unable to stay away from the fascinating woman who’s screwing with his head just by breathing, Rocket tails Chloe as often as he can. His curiosity over her actions borders on obsession. Before long, and despite the MC president’s orders to keep his distance, Rocket succumbs to the urge to approach her.

Logan, the handsome man Chloe meets in a bar, gives her exactly what she needs. He’s accepting of her unusual requests in a way she hadn’t thought possible. The fantasy unravels, however, when she discovers who he really is, the outlaw biker who saw her at her very lowest moment. Will Chloe be able to accept Logan as the biker, Rocket, and allow him into her life enough to help her heal? The answer won’t matter if his violent past sucks him away before she has a chance to try.

My Review:

Rocket (Hell's Handlers MC #5)Rocket by Lilly Atlas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As much as I loved this book, I’m going to say, right from the beginning, it was a tough read. There are events in this book that ripped my heart apart. It’s a very emotional story, but one that I’m glad that I read. Despite the difficult circumstances, this was an amazing story.

Chloe is such a strong woman! Following an assault that would have broken even the strongest person, she finds ways to cope with life. She begins the difficult process of moving on with her life, finding out who she is now. She meets a man in a bar who gives her a new outlook, makes her see that it is possible to move forward. When she finds out he has secrets, and those secrets come back to haunt them, everything she though possible, comes into question again.

Rocket is a man with a past he’d rather forget. He’s done things, seen things, that most people wouldn’t understand. He has regrets, things he wishes he could take back. But he lives his life the best way he can, immersing himself in his club, and doing what he can to protect them all.

While extremely emotional, this book was amazing. I spent a good bit reading through my tears, but the HEA was totally worth it! I loved how Rocket was exactly what Chloe needed to heal, and how Chloe was exactly what Rocket needed too. The were absolutely beautiful together! I couldn’t help but smile when they finally moved past their troubles, and started to heal! This book, as well as the rest of the Hell’s Handlers MC series, is a definite must read for anyone that likes to read MC romance!

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