Kiss This Too (Book 2 in the Kiss duet) by Anne Mercier


Just when Leo and I finally find our rhythm, my life turns upside down and I need to go home.

Grief blindsides me, and I’m lost.

Living halfway across the country from your new boyfriend is misery when you need him to be there with you, helping to ease the pain of your loss. Add in the drama-stirring Ella who makes me doubt Leo, myself, and our relationship, and I’m a mess.

With my best friends by my side, I feel pretty good about being back. But am I ready to face all the drama that awaits me?

My Review:

Kiss This Too (Book 2 in the Kiss duet)Kiss This Too by Anne Mercier

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book two in the Kiss Duet, and boy, was it a doozy! This book kept me on the edge of my seat from the very first page. There were surprises, a riot of emotions, and a few tears along the way. It was a good book, one that I couldn’t help but read in one sitting!

Jilly’s life is a little out of the ordinary, but it works for her. Moving to a new home, a new school, things were rocky for a bit, but things are starting to look up. Then her life is turned upside down, once again, but this time she isn’t sure she is going to recover. But Jilly is strong, and she has some incredible friends backing her up!

Leo’s life was pretty shallow before Jilly. But his feelings for her are real, and he’s letting her in, where he hasn’t let anyone go before. Things are looking good, until his past comes back to haunt them and try to destroy what they’ve worked so hard for.

Jilly is the kind of girl I love to read about. She is strong enough to stand up for herself, strong enough to hold her own against the “mean girls”. This was such a fun story, a great follow up to the first book, and definitely one that I would put as a “must read”. There are so many surprises, things I’d have never even thought possible, and I just couldn’t put it down! This duet rocks!

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