Cover Reveal for Hale’s Song by Darlene Tallman

****Cover Reveal****

Hale’s Song by Darlene Tallman

Release Date TBA



Adelaide Overstreet, newly single, finds herself back where she grew up at her grandparents’ cottage by the lake. Determined to seize the opportunity to use her degree, she embarks on a venture with her oldest friend to rebuild the town’s failing diner. She’s done with love, done with relationships, done with anything to do with a man.

Until a nine-year old little boy with chocolate brown hair and freckles waltzes into her house one day and asks her what she’s doing. Jensen Johnson doesn’t know it, but his simple action has Addy rethinking her life.

Hale Johnson is a single dad committed to raising his son the right way, not the way he was brought up, with belts and smacks, harsh words and condescending attitudes. With his ex long gone, he has shoved any thoughts of a relationship so far down, it would take a crane to pull it out.

Until a sassy, spirited pastry chef steps into his life. Captivated, he finds himself drawn to her, but he’s unwilling to put himself out there again.

Come meet the folks in Barge Falls, Mississippi, where the air is hot and humid and the tea is always sweet down at Marvie’s Diner!

**This is a contemporary romance with subject matter that may not be suitable for those under 18 years of age**



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