Their Rebellious Bride by Vanessa Vale


Welcome back to the Wild Wild West in 1885 and the town of Bridgewater, where one cowboy—one husband—is never enough.

Young, beautiful and idealistic, Tennessee Bennett longs to marry, but only for love. Unfortunately, her father intends to marry her off to the first wealthy man who will have her in order to pay his gambling debts. When his plan takes a murderous turn, Tennessee finds herself alone and penniless on the streets.

Best friends James Carr and Jonah Wells have watched, and wanted Tennessee for two years. Gentleman to their bones, they have done the right thing, waiting for her to grow into a woman old enough to wake to their touch. But when he discovers Tennessee is in danger, James knows they’ve waited long enough. The rebellious woman will be claimed and awakened to passion by not one husband, but two.

The Bridgewater way of one woman marrying two husbands is unknown to Tennessee, but the heat between them is undeniable. She learns that her men will do anything to protect her. But protection—even passion—is not love, and Tennessee is not willing to give up the one thing she truly needs in a marriage.

Can the three of them discover what truly is at the heart of their marriage before it’s too late?

This standalone book has characters introduced in Their Brazen Bride, book 8 in the Bridgewater Series.

My Review:

Their Rebellious BrideTheir Rebellious Bride by Vanessa Vale

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you’ve read any of the Bridgewater menage series, you know that the books by this author are full of insta-love, danger, intrigue, and enough heat to set the house on fire! This book is the beginning of a new series, set in the same world, in the same time period, but focusing on characters we were introduced to in one of the original Bridgewater books. Many of the original characters are in this book, and it still focuses on Menage marriage, but it doesn’t take place solely on the Bridgewater Ranch, as the others do.

Tennessee Bennett has had an upbringing that few could come out of unscathed. Along with her sisters, she was raised by her father, following her mother’s death. While they were not physically abused, their father was a gambler, and a schemer. Always looking for the next way to get ahead, to make money. When he involves Tennessee in his latest scheme, he almost costs her, and a close friend, their lives. Luckily, she is saved, and in the process, she finds herself introduced to a relationship, the Bridgewater way!

Tennessee was so much fun! She is the type of heroine I enjoy reading about; she is full of sass, daring, and holds her own in the dominant relationship she finds herself embroiled in! I enjoyed the original Bridgewater series, and I’m glad to be back visiting with those much loved characters. Tennessee was a great addition to this world, and I loved her story!!!!

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