Shouldn’t Have You (Fractured Connections #2) by Carrie Ann Ryan


I’ve been many things in my life: daughter, friend, student, lover, wife…and now, widow. Getting past those labels and finding who I could be without them was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
Then I became friends with Brendon Connolly.
Every time I look at him, I see a past, I see a present, and I’m afraid if I look too hard, I’ll see a future.


I’ve known Harmony Wynham since before she got married. Before she lost everything. I didn’t know that one day she wouldn’t be just my friend but the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
Only I don’t think that can happen.
Not when every time she looks at me, she sees what she lost, and I can only see what I can’t overcome.
I love her, even though I shouldn’t. Somehow, we need to find a balance.
Because if we don’t, walking away will be the hardest thing I’ve ever done—even if it’s the only thing I should do.

My Review:

Shouldn't Have You (Fractured Connections, #2)Shouldn’t Have You by Carrie Ann Ryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book almost did me in. The beginning was so emotional, so full of pain, for both of the main characters, I had to walk away for a bit. I knew I would finish the book, but had to come to terms with the feelings their story brought out in me. This isn’t a light hearted summer read. This is a book filled with pain, and hurt, but in the end, it’s all about their survival and strength.

Harmony has had an amazing life. Until she lost her husband in a freak accident. But she is moving on with her life, coming to terms with what her life is now, figuring out who she is on her own again. She knows it’s time, but she isn’t sure what steps to take, or where she wants them to lead.

Brendon’s childhood was rough. Even as an adult it haunts him. It’s shaped who he is, how he deals with life, and how he sees himself. He has issues, but he lives with them, deals with them. He is a survivor, a fighter, even if he doesn’t see himself as such.

This book isn’t a typical romance. It’s more about their journey to each other, overcoming hardships, becoming who they need to be. Reading this book, you can tell the author put a lot of herself into this story, because of the sheer level of emotion, the beauty and purity of their connection, despite everything that could have kept them apart. It’s an amazing story, one that kept the tears close, but also brought a smile to my face. Brendon and Harmony were perfect together, and their story is one that will stick close to my heart!

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