Hell on Wheels (Kings of Mayhem MC #4) by Penny Dee


I left here a man but came back a beast 


A shoulder-fired missile broke my body.

But betrayal obliterated my heart.

For months I lingered in and out of hell until my body healed.

Now I’m back in town with my club brothers. They think I am ok. But I am still fighting a war of darkness in my head and I can’t see a way out.

Then she comes into town like a summer breeze and makes me feel things I didn’t know existed.

She has the voice of an angel and the body of a goddess.

But she is running from her own demons. From the Devil himself.

He’s coming to town and she’s scared. But I’ve walked through hell and survived, and I’ll walk through it again to protect her.


I’ve spent years running from my past.

Town to town.

State to state.

Never putting down roots.

Because I am running from the Devil himself and if he finds me he will drag me down to hell again.

Then I meet a beautiful, scarred beast of man who makes me feel something for the first time of my life…hope.

He makes me want to stay but thats an impossibility.

Because the Devil is coming for me and when he arrives I won’t stand a chance.

My Review:

Hell on Wheels (Kings of Mayhem MC, #4)Hell on Wheels by Penny Dee

I absolutely adored every heart pounding minute of this book! There is so much heat between Cassidy and Chase, the pages were literally set on fire! When you factor in the danger that lingers in the background of this book, this is a book that calls to my soul! I absolutely could not put it down!

Cassidy had a childhood that was literally hell on earth. Abandoned at birth, and then betrayed by those that should have protected her, she does the only thing she knows how to do. She runs. And then she keeps on running. Until she lands in the Kings of Mayhem’s territory, and everything changes. Chase has his own set of problems. His childhood was also torturous, but he got out by joining the military. Military life suited him, until it didn’t. The horrors of war followed him home, and he wasn’t sure he could overcome it. Until Cassidy.

These two are so broken, it hurts my heart! It’s going to take something special to heal them both, and the author handles it so beautifully! I loved the connection between Cassidy and Chase, loved how well they fit together, into each other’s lives. Despite all of the problems that haunt them, I just couldn’t get enough of their story! And I adore the Kings of Mayhem!

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