Release Blitz for Red the Leviathan by L.F. Koraline


Release Date: July 25th


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Would you fear death if you were Juliet and you met your Romeo?

In exactly seven months, five days, and a few hours Snow White will be
walking down the aisle on the arm of her father, Walter White – the
front-runner for next president of the United States of America.

Her fate – to be married to the rich and famous Dr. Barry Lawrence – has been sealed since the day she was born.

Her future’s all mapped out, but suddenly, during a trip to sunny Tennessee with her best friend Brenda, a man with golden hair turns her life upside down.

He’s the Leviathan, on every woman’s lips, the nameless, rough, and lonesome cowboy whom they all desire.

But he’s the king of contradictions. He sleeps with a wild wolf on one side of the bed, and Shakespeare’s Macbeth on the other. He’s as wild and untamed as his black stallion, yet plays the violin like a professional and recites Shakespeare like the poet himself.

Nothing will ever be the same for Snow after the Leviathan demands to see her every night… at midnight.

Between unbridled instincts, wild passion, and difficult choices, she’ll
have to decide whether to surrender to her fate or write her own fairytale ending…

This is the story of Snow White and her Leviathan.



He swiftly gets up and walks toward me, then sits down by my side. The distance is definitely narrowing.

His chest brushes against my arm, which remains firmly attached to my legs.

I’m holding my knees so tight they almost touch my chin.

He strokes my hair, slowly tucking a lock behind my ear. I turn to look at him, but it’s the worst thing I could do.

His lips are half open and his eyesfull of burning desire.

My last question didn’t have a verbal answer, but his body’s reaction is clear.

“I think I want you so much I can’t control myself, Miss White.”

He places his hand on my shoulder and makes me turn to face him.

Everything happens in such a slow, sensual way it makes my head spin. He lets me savor his closeness like a slow, delicious torture.

He follows the contours of my face with the back of his hand, stopping under my chin.

I feel his breathing grow heavier, while mine has stopped completely. It makes no sense to breathe when your body is shaking in such an unnatural way.

That shivering is enough to feed my whole body.

His lips part further and they’re so close to mine that his scent sweeps over me, drowning whatever reason I have left.

“I’m gonna kiss you now. You know I’m gonna kiss you, right?”

“No, you’re not.”

“Reject me now, or I won’t stop…now, Princess.” He moves a little closer. “Now…”

I fill my lungs, inhaling deeply, until everything starts spinning around me. He closes his eyes and the gap between our mouths becomes almost imperceptible.

“Stop…” I mumble.



About the Author:
L.F. Koraline is a romance author.

She lives with her husband, dogs, cats, turtles and many tropical fishes.

With the Newton Compton Editori, has published five novels (the 703 SERIES).

RED – THE LEVIATHAN is a stand alone novel.

The romance Readers describe it as “a passionate modern fairytale” and appreciate the inspiration drawn from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet as well as characters reminiscient of Beauty and Beast.


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