Release Blitz for Hatch by Piper Davenport

Title: Hatch
Series: A Dogs of Fire Story
Author: Piper Davenport
Genre: Contemporary/MC Romance
Release Date: August 13, 2019
Cover Designer AND Cover Model: Jack Davenport
When Hatch, the beloved Sargent at Arms for the Dogs of Fire MC, finds himself falsely incarcerated, his woman, Maisie, must move heaven and earth to release him, while holding back a pack of ravenous bikers whose bite is worse than their bark.


Hatch: A Dogs of Fire StoryHatch: A Dogs of Fire Story by Piper Davenport

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve always loved Maisey (and Hatch too, but Maisey is a hoot!) so when I found out there was going to be a follow up story about Maisey and Hatch, I couldn’t get my little hands on it fast enough! I knew going in that it wasn’t going to be like the other DOF books, it’s a story, kind of a “where are they now” with a twist, instead of an entire book. It’s an “after the HEA” and that’s how it should be read. Don’t get me wrong, there is a complete story, and all of the heat and excitement we expect from this author (and the series!) but don’t start reading with the expectation of a “meet, fall in love, HEA” type story. Cause this is not that!

Maisey is still just as much fun now, as she was in Road to Peace. She’s still funny, and knows who she is and what she wants. Her relationship with Hatch is just as hot (if not hotter! We’re talking supernova level heat here!) as ever. Nope, they are still rocking the HEA, but outside issues are trying to throw their happy life into a tailspin! And of course, Maisey and the Dogs are working to straighten everything out! (Seriously though, I want to be Maisey, when I grow up!)

This story was a quick read, one that left me with a “Ok, what’s next” kind of feeling. It works really well, to sort of wrap up the Dogs of Fire series, and introduce you to possibilities of what is coming up. I love the follow up feeling, catching up with my favorite characters from the Dogs. If you’ve read and loved the Dogs of Fire series, this is a must read. I certainly loved it!

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Piper Davenport is the alter-ego of New York Times Bestselling Author, Tracey Jane Jackson. She writes from a place of passion and intrigue, combining elements of romance and suspense with strong modern-day heroes and heroines.
She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two kids.


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