Aiden by LeAnn Ashers


From the day she came into my life, I knew I couldn’t walk away from this girl. She was beautiful, a light in this dark and messed up world, but I saw it in her eyes.

I saw the pain she carried, and in that moment, I made a promise.

Her demons would pay. All of them. They didn’t know what I was capable of or what my MC could do.

As I now look down at yet another lifeless body, I smile. I always keep my promises.
One more to go, and he’s the one I really want.

And he knows I’m coming for him…

My Review:

AidenAiden by LeAnn Ashers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I knew, from previous books, that this author always provides an amazing story with a hard loving, alpha male, and a strong female to back him up. And I’ve loved all of her previous books, each one going on my re-read shelf immediately. But Aiden’s story is one that had me in tears from the beginning. This book is emotional, but it’s also worth every one of the tears I shed!

Aiden had a good childhood, even though it was a bit unconventional. Brought up by a young single mother, he is a strong man, determined to do the right thing, even in tough situations. He is willing to take on responsibilities that aren’t necessarily his, but does so happily. He is one of those alpha men that knows what he wants, and will stop at nothing to get it!

Gracie is a strong woman. She has overcome so much, and uses her tragedy to help others out of similar circumstances. She has an amazingly beautiful giving spirit, and deserves the happiness she so easily dishes out to others. When she meets Aiden, her natural reticence is overcome by her need to be near him!

I absolutely adored Aiden and Grace! I loved how she fits so perfectly in his life, and how he helps her move past the ghosts in her past. This book is everything we’ve come to know and love about the Grim Sinners MC, with a few surprises thrown in! Aiden and Grace’s story is one that will go right up on that re-read shelf, along with the rest of the Grim Sinners! It’s definitely one that I encourage any lover of MC romance to pick up ASAP!

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