Wild Spirit (Wilder Irish #8) by Mari Carr


Maybe if things were different, Leo could date the woman he’s always longed for, the free-spirited Yvonne Collins. For her, life is an adventure, for him, life is all about work and keeping things simple so he can focus on his son.

When a tragic event upends Leo’s orderly existence, he’s forced to admit he can’t do it all and he can’t do it alone. Yvonne feels like exactly what Leo doesn’t need, until she shows him chaos isn’t always bad and letting go isn’t the same thing as losing control.

My Review:

Wild Spirit (Wilder Irish, #8)Wild Spirit by Mari Carr

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another amazing example of a love built around the Collins family! All of the stories in the Wild(er) Irish series have focused heavily around the strong family bond, and emotional support, of the Collins family, and this story is one of my favorite so far! Leo and Yvonne are absolutely perfect for each other, they just had to figure that out for themselves!

Yvonne has a great family, an amazing childhood, and a job she adores. Her life is almost perfect. Except she has feelings for her best friend, that she doesn’t think could possible go anywhere. Until things start to creep into unknown territory, and she begins to wonder if he could possibly feel the same thing for her.

Leo’s life is one day of stress after another. Single father-hood, helping run a family arm, and all of the day to day drama that comes with those things makes him a man on the edge. Until his best friend decides to help him learn to cut loose, and lose the stress. Until he starts to look at her just a bit differently, and he has to decide what that means for them!

I loved Yvonne and Leo! They were fun, energetic, and I couldn’t help but enjoy their antics. Even tough it seemed like everything was working against them, I just knew they had a magical HEA in store for them. This is a book that was as fun as it was romantic, and it was exactly what I needed! While it was plenty romantic (and extremely HOT!) there were also plenty of laughs, and (as always) the antics of the Collins never disappoint!

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