Paris Promise: Billionaire Club Romance: Paris Trilogy #3 (Orchid Club Book 6) by Lila Dubois


Locked away together, they’ll have to decide if love is enough…

…and if they’re willing to promise forever.

My Review:

Paris Promise: Billionaire Club Romance: Paris Trilogy #3 (Orchid Club Book 6)Paris Promise: Billionaire Club Romance: Paris Trilogy #3 by Lila Dubois

This entire trilogy has be packed full of twists and turns, surprises that I never would have guessed. Paris Promise started with a bang, and just kept getting stranger from there (in a good way, I promise!) Once I began this book, I had to force myself to put it down to try to put my feelings into words. Surprise, excitement, anticipation, and a bit of apprehension all combine in my gut, refusing to let go!

Solomon and Vivienne have a tumultuous past, made even crazier by miscommunications (or is it failure to communicate?!?) Neither had the confidence or patience that it took to stick it out, and make things work in their favor, when the going really got tough. Now they have their second chance, but the questions is whether that chance is to resolve hard feelings and move on, or to work through it all, and make a life together.

This book was an absolutely amazing example of how it takes more than explosive chemistry and true love to make a relationship flourish. Solomon and Vivienne had so many paths that could have blown them apart, or pulled them together. There really was a billion and one things that were working against them. This book (the entire series really) was breathtaking, everything that I want in a story. A work of fiction that absolutely pulled me in and kept me right in the middle of the story!

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