Gus by L. Wilder


Club life isn’t for everyone, but for me—it was everything.
I was a man who’d always demonstrated loyalty, pride, and grit. My brothers and those around me knew I was someone they could trust, that I would always hold true to my word. They knew I’d never waver or show signs of weakness when it came to my commitment to the club, and as the new president of Satan’s Fury Memphis, I knew exactly what I had to do.
Then, I met her … Samantha Travers—a woman who consumed me and I knew there would never be another.
This is my story. My Beginning.

My Review:

by L. Wilder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Originally published in the Love, Loyalty and Mayhem anthology, this story completely blew me away. We were introduced to Gus and Samantha in Gunner’s story, and I wondered then, if there was more history behind their interactions. I knew there had to be, but was curious to how they came to be where they were. Little did I know, it was explosive!

Gus is all about his club. His club is his life, his brothers are his family. When he gets the opportunity to move to Memphis and expand his club, he is honored to be given the position, and works hard to prove he is worthy. On his arrival he meets Samantha, and the feelings she rouses in him rivals his loyalty and love for his club. Regardless of their feelings, life pulls them apart, and I wasn’t sure if they would find their HEA!

This book had me on tenterhooks right from the get go! It was unlike anything else I’ve read, and I totally enjoyed reading about the beginning of the Memphis Chapter! It was fun to see what they had to do to earn their place! I’m glad to finally know Gus and Samantha’s story. They went through so much, endured so much! This was a fantastic story, one that I couldn’t help but want to read again and again!

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