Release Blitz for Dating Nashville by Ann Maree Craven & Michelle MacQueen


Title: Dating Nashville

Series: Discovering Me #1

Authors: Ann Maree Craven & Michelle MacQueen
Genre: Sweet M/M Romance
Release Date: September 25, 2019


How does a straight
guy accidentally come out as gay to the entire country music world? 
I’ll get back to
you when I know the answer. 
It all happened so
fast. One moment, my best friend’s little brother is standing in a sea of
people as his boyfriend breaks his heart. Again
The next, I’m
jumping off stage mid-concert to give him the kiss of his life–or maybe the
kiss of my life. 
I’m Beckett
Anderson. Yes, that Beckett. The one who never does the smart
thing, messes up daily, and somehow ended up with millions of screaming
Fans who now think
I’m dating Nicky St. Germaine. 
The label says I
can’t come out as straight (Is that even a thing?), that I can’t tell the world
I lied. 
But this lie of
mine… it doesn’t hold a candle to the one I tell myself. 

How does the quiet
gay guy end up kissing the straight country music star in front of thousands of
his screaming fans?
I still can’t
fathom what he was thinking when he jumped off that stage, but that kiss… None
of it was real, but it felt like it. At least to me.  
I’m Nicky St.
Germaine, son of a football Hall of Famer, best friends with rock star, Nari
Won Song–and whatever I am to Country Music sensation, Beckett Anderson. The
jury’s still out on that one. What does a small town kid do when so many of his
friends and family are famous? He hides. Frequently. 
Now the spotlight
is on me, and there is nowhere left to hide. I’m supposed to pretend to be
Beckett’s adoring boyfriend for a few weeks, but that’s not so easy when I’d
give almost anything for it to be true.


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Ann Maree Craven
Ann Maree Craven writes Young Adult Contemporary Romance
with crossover appeal to audiences of all ages. She believes in stories that
make you think and loves to play with foreshadowing, leaving clues and hints
for the careful reader. She draws inspiration from her background in
architecture and interior design to help her with the small details in world
building and scene settings. (Her degree in fine art also comes in handy.)


Michelle MacQueen
Michelle MacQueen is a USA Today bestselling author of love.
Yes, love. Whether it be YA romance, NA romance, or fantasy romance (Under M.
Lynn), she loves to make readers swoon. 
The great loves of her life to this point are two tiny blond
creatures who call her “aunt” and proclaim her books to be “boring books” for
their lack of pictures. Yet, somehow, she still manages to love them more than


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