Love Heals (The Love Duet Book 2) by Leah Sharelle


The allure of sharing my life with that one special woman is tempting but not the thought of falling in love again or having children.
Ten years ago, I lost everything that mattered – the love of my life, what should have been my daughter and the courage to go after all those dreams I once wanted. Instead, I threw myself into my job as a detective and my role at the Wounded Souls as a patched member. My life consisted of staying busy, keeping my niece out of trouble and not falling in love.
Love hurt, love meant loss. And without my permission, love was heading my way in the shape of a red-headed stunner with an independent streak a mile long. Kelsey tempted me, taunted my protective nature and damn if she didn’t make me want things I promised never to go after ever again.

Jason Johnston was the main attraction of my best dreams, well he featured in every single one of them. The handsome and annoyingly bossy man was finally seeing me. Me. The girl from across the street, now a woman with a tormented past, and scars that ran deep.
He didn’t care about any of that; he cared about me, protected me, one could even say he doted on me.
I could live with the fact he couldn’t love me. Right?
Does love really have the power to heal two people so right for each other?

My Review:

Love Heals (The Love Duet Book 2)Love Heals by Leah Sharelle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was absolute magic. Jason’s HEA was long over due, and this author absolutely delivered it in spades. I can’t express enough how emotional, and how perfect this story was. But be forewarned! There are lots of tears coming your way, as you dive into this story!

We were introduced to Jason in his brother Deck’s book, His Sweetness. Jason was a tragic character, right from the beginning. Even then, despite his abrasiveness and his apparent hatred of Deck, I couldn’t help but feel for him. His loss was harsh, even from the periphery of Deck’s story. Then, in Love Hurts, we got the background of his love and loss, and found out why he is the way he is. Love Heals is the culmination of all of that pain, all of that loss.

Kelsey has been in Jason’s life since they were children. She has watched him from afar, loving him, when he wasn’t capable of loving her back. She’s been there for him through his happy times, and through the devastation that followed. She thinks she will forever be alone, until things begin to change.

This book is the epitome of a happy ending. Jason thought his world ended, but was gifted with a second chance at life. This book had me smiling through my tears, something that few books can truly accomplish! This book, this duet, will stick with me for a long time.

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