Renegade (Knights of Fury #2) by Chantal Fernando


Good girl Isabella wouldn’t miss the birth of her sister’s baby for the world. So when her car breaks down and one of the bikers next door offers her a ride to Vegas, it’s too tempting to pass up. Besides, she can think of worse travel conditions than wrapping her arms around Renny, otherwise known as Renegade.

Tall, dark and handsome, the man is pure sex on a Harley.

Between wild parties and rumbling motorcycles, living next to the Knights of Fury MC has always left Isabella curious, but after a night in Vegas, she gets a firsthand taste. Drinks in the club surrounded by burly bikers soon turns into a series of daring decisions, which don’t seem so bad until she wakes up the next morning. Married. To Renny.

Could she be more of a cliché?

Nothing complicates an annulment like lingering temptation, especially when Isabella and Renny give in to their need, putting their marriage where their mouths are. But as Isabella learns what outlaw life is really like, she’ll have to decide if she’s in love with a biker—or in over her head.

My Review:

Renegade (Knights of Fury, #2)Renegade by Chantal Fernando

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was all about family, the ones that you are born to and the ones that you make. And I love that in a book. Family is important, and those connections made this a fabulous story!

Izzy is a good girl, who works hard, and loves hard. She’s loyal, and will do anything she can to help someone, especially if it’s someone she considers family. Crazy events lead her to Renny, and his family of bikers. An instant heat and a spur of the moment road trip put them on the path to each other. Danger and tragedy try to keep them apart. Circumstances threw Renny and Izzy together, but an instant attraction took it further. A fun night in Vegas turned in to so much more. But can they turn what started as a whim into something that will last a life time?

I loved Remmy and Izzy’s connection, and their ease with each other. Right from the first meeting, it seemed like they had known each other a lifetime, they were absolutely perfect. And even though there were so many things stacked against them, I couldn’t help but cheer for them to find their HEA together! This was a fun book, one that kept me guessing, and kept me laughing. This is definitely turning out to be a series that I’m enjoying enough to put on my re-read list!

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