Gabriel ( The Wounded Sons #1) by Leah Sharelle


Gabriel Booth knew how his life was going to go.
First, he was going to follow in his father’s footsteps, become a soldier in the Australian Army, then lead his own commando team. His dreams and ambitions came true when he got handed the command of his own Tier 1 unit— Team FIVE.
After that, he wanted nothing more than to find that one special woman to share the same deep soul love and devotion his parents had. All his life, Gabriel watched his parents, saw the connection they had together, and wanted the same thing for himself.
That came true the day he came across a petite Pixie on a sand dune. With just one look at the stunning tiny woman, his world shifted, and the ache of wanting to be part of something special eased.

Devon Mercy never had it easy.
At the tender age of five, she lost her mother in horrible circumstances, yet on the same day, there was even more trauma to rock her and her family, changing their lives forever.
Her whole life had been a lonely battle. The love of her mother now gone as well as the support of her grief-stricken father. All she had were three overbearing brothers and a wish to be loved and cherished.
Then, she met Gabriel. Suddenly, she thought it was finally her time! Someone who loved her, wanted to spend time with her.
Just her.
Of course, life was never as easy as you wanted. Gabriel and Devon’s road was never going to be easy. His dangerous job and Devon’s secret just two obstacles in their way. The only problem was whose is more destructive? And can it be overcome before one walked away for good?

My Review:

Gabriel  ( The Wounded Sons #1)Gabriel by Leah Sharelle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love series. I love when an author writes about a second generation of a series even more. It’s like taking a trip home, and visiting with old friends! When I found out this author was going to be writing about the kids of the Wounded Souls MC, I flipped! I couldn’t contain my excitement! And even though there is always a bit of doubt (I mean really, could it get any better than the Wounded Souls?!? ) I knew I’d never be disappointed with anything this author writes.

Devon has had a horrible life. A childhood tragedy follows her into adulthood, keeping her from really living life to the fullest. A neglectful, but still overprotective, family leaves her feeling alone, even when she isn’t. She is just moving through life, day by day, when she stumbles across Gabriel. Then life starts to heat up!

Gabriel was brought up surrounded by family, love, and support. He can’t fathom anything else. He has followed his dreams, (and his father’s footsteps!) becoming a top commando in the Australian Army. But there is still something missing from his life. He wants the kind of love his parents have, the kind of love all of the Souls guys have. He has high expectations for what love is, and won’t settle for less. One look at Devon, and he knows. She is it!

This book wasn’t as hard core as the Wounded Souls books. Don’t get me wrong. The danger and excitement is there, but Gabriel and Devon’s story was more about family, and support. It was a great story, and their connection was absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait for the rest of the Commando Team 5 to find their HEA!

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