Catching Him (How to Catch an Alpha #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds


Leah Emerson isn’t looking for a man—she’s looking for the right man. But her mother’s idea of a great catch leaves her cold, and she’s pretty sure her cocky, arrogant, and way too good-looking new neighbor isn’t the one either. If only her wayward cat would stop jumping through his window, she could get on with her life.

Tyler Duncan moved into town for a new job, not to fall in love. But he always goes after the things he wants in life with steadfast determination…and he wants Leah Emerson. He wants her smiles, he wants her touch, and he definitely wants her in bed.

Unfortunately, someone else wants Leah—in the worst way. Now Tyler’s on a mission to protect the woman he’s falling in love with while proving he’s worth falling for, and Leah must decide whether Tyler is a catch worth catching…

My Review:

Catching Him (How to Catch an Alpha #1)Catching Him by Aurora Rose Reynolds

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was only about 5 pages into this book, and I was already laughing so hard I was crying. This book starts off with laughs, and ends with an “awwwe”. I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed this book. Even though this isn’t part of the Until series, the “boom” that I’ve come to expect from this author was still there. If you are a fan of insta-love the way I am, this is definitely the book for you!

Leah has had absolutely zero luck with guys. She’s tired of being the one to do all the work, put all the effort into her relationships. She’s tired of being the one to make all the moves. Little does she know that the new neighbor is going to be making some moves of his own!

Tyler has moved to a totally new state, chasing an opportunity to make a better life for himself. He hasn’t even gotten settled yet, and he’s surprised by Leah, and her craziness. One look is enough to set him on a new path, to let him know what he wants, and show him where his future lies. Now he just has to convince Leah……

This was such a fun, amazing story! I loved Leah and Tyler, as well as their immediate, smoking hot connection! This is definitely going on my re-read list! And it’s one I’m going to be talking about for a while to come!

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