Wild Side: Friends to Lovers Romance (Wilder Irish Book 9) by Mari Carr


No strings attached? Wrong. So wrong.

Layla moved to Baltimore in search of a fresh start. After too many years in a lackluster relationship, she’s ready to embrace her wild side. Casual is her new middle name and the last thing she wants or needs is a serious relationship.

Finn and his best friend, Miguel are ALL IN on showing Layla a good time. After all, neither one of them is looking for love either. Or so they think.

Until Finn falls for Layla and Miguel falls for Finn and Layla falls for…both men. Then it’s a wild side freefall as the three lovers try to make one plus one plus one equal the perfect match.

My Review:

Wild Side: Friends to Lovers Romance (Wilder Irish Book 9)Wild Side: Friends to Lovers Romance by Mari Carr

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One of my favorite queens of menage is at it again! While this author writes a wide variety of tropes, some of my very favorites that she has given to us has been her menage romances. They never fail to make the relationships portrayed seem more like real life, than taboo. And this is one of the most beautiful! I thoroughly enjoyed this trip on the wild side!

Layla is having a life crisis. Recently out of a very boring, long term relationship, she has decided to let loose, discover who she is and what she has been missing out on. She moves back to her childhood home, realizes her dream of having her own business, and then decides to work on her personal life.

Finn is ……confused. He has feelings for his friend, Layla. But his best friend, Miguel, has feelings for him. He’s never had feelings for a man before. And he isn’t sure what to do, or what he wants. Miguel, on the other hand, knows what he wants, but not how to go about getting it.

This book is just HOT! Explosively, smoking hot, call the fire department hot, surface of the Sun hot! Layla, Finn and Miguel burn the pages up of this book, but that’s not why this book is so amazing. Their connection is amazingly perfect, and almost effortless in it’s simplicity. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of confusion, and drama, but there is no denying how perfect they are together. I absolutely adore this series, and Wild Side just adds to the amazingness of this family!

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