Fries Before Guys (SWAT Generation 2.0 #2) by Lani Lynn Vale


Sometimes people come into a person’s life and make their heart skip a beat.

Those people are called cops.

Well, one cop in particular.

A SWAT officer for the Kilgore Police Department, to be specific.

The first time Avery Flynn saw Derek Roberts, she was photographing him for the first annual Kilgore Police Department SWAT calendar. He was leaned back in his squad car, shirtless, and giving her a smile that was completely between them. A smile that hinted at what he wanted to do to her later.

When she scrounges up the courage to ask him out after the photoshoot, he laughs in her face.

Well, screw you, too, Mr. February.


Derek Roberts never really paid attention to the photographer.

She was a mousy girl who dressed like a twelve-year-old girl. Her tight leggings, extra baggy Star Trek t-shirt denoting her a Klingon captain, and her surprisingly clean Chucks didn’t leave much of an impression.

Now, the outfit that she was in weeks after he rebuffed her? Yeah, now that caught his attention.

Too bad that happens when he’s trying to save her from what’s sure to be death thanks to an unhinged native Texan who’s convinced she was the reason he lost his last chance at a million dollars.

When he tries to save her, she tells him she’d rather take a cattle prod to the forehead than go anywhere with him.

Challenge. Accepted.

My Review:

Fries Before Guys (SWAT Generation 2.0 #2)Fries Before Guys by Lani Lynn Vale

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How do I put into words my feelings for this book?!? Frustration? Horror? How about WTF?!? I think that about sums it up. This book started out with a photo shoot, (Hot guy, no shirt? How does it get better than that, right?) There’s some chemistry, she asks him out, and he……turns her down! I felt so much outrage on her behalf! What was he thinking?!? But seriously, he is a man, so you can only expect so much from him, right?

The last couple of years of Avery’s life has been one tragedy after another. And life keeps getting worse. She can’t catch a break, and even the guy that she thinks could be more, doesn’t want anything to do with her. Until yet another tragic event leads to him inserting himself into her life, refusing to take no for an answer. And then she is dealt another horrific blow…..

Derek has known Avery for years, but has kept his distance because of the differences in their ages. Yes, the attraction is there, but he ignores it. (the best that he can!) But things are happening that he can no longer ignore, and now he finds himself trying to make things different. Now he knows what he wants. He just has to make her see that it’s her!

I swear, if it weren’t so tragic, I’d have laughed throughout most of this book. Derek and Avery have a relationship built out of the ashes of her past. But they still have a connection, one strong enough to weather any storm, even when bad things keep compiling on top of other bad things. I couldn’t help but keep reading, knowing that, some how, some way, they’d find their way out on the other side. This is a story that says, to me, that no matter how bad is seems, no matter how long the bad lasts, there will be a HEA, no matter what!

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