Release Blitz for Bastian by Leah Sharelle

Title: Bastian
Series: Wounded Sons #2
Author: Leah Sharelle
Genre: MC Romance 
Release Date: February 14, 2020
Bastian Johnston had alpha running through his veins; he was after all the son of the Wounded Souls’ sergeant at arms.


Only Bastian didn’t want the cut; he wanted the green beret and dagger patch. So, he followed his best friend and made his dream a reality, he became a soldier and second in charge of the coveted TEAM FIVE commando unit.
Life should be great, right? Wrong. His old man’s legend also followed him on every deployment, building Bastian’s resentment for the man he admired more than anyone.
His only escape was the illegal boxing matches and a curvy blonde bombshell who had completely friend-zoned him.
Wren Hickey was his best friend. She knew him, understood him and she drove him insane with lust every time she was close. It didn’t matter what Wren did; he found everything about her sexy and confusing. He knew she had the same feelings for him so, why wouldn’t she give him a chance?
When the reason came out, Bastian had a choice to make … forget the hurt and finally make Wren his forever, or move on, and look for another reason to make his heart beat.
There was really only one choice for Bastian … but was it Wren’s too?


BastianBastian by Leah Sharelle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I adore Bastian and Wren! They were absolutely perfect together, and had a connection that was smoking hot, even when they were denying that connection! Their story is just as engrossing as the 1st Generation, and I love it just as much!

Wren grew up with Bastian, and they’ve been best friends for as long as they can remember. And Wren has had feelings for Bastian for just as long. But something is keeping her from admitting those feelings, from giving in and taking a chance. She knows what she wants, but also thinks its an impossible pipe dream.

Bastian has loved Wren forever. He knows he wants her. Knows that at some point she had feelings for him to. But for some reason, she started acting differently, and put him firmly in the friend zone. Bastian, however, is determined to make her his, and is ready to take a chance to give them both the forever they deserve.

This book was full of twists and turns, and surprises I never saw coming! I know each time I pick up a book by this author, I’m going to get a book that will keep me on my toes and deliver a story that is guaranteed to set my Kindle on fire. Bastian and Wren’s story delivered that and so much more! This book is one that will definitely be a hit with anyone that loves the Wounded Souls MC stories!

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I love the idea of being in love. Since my early teens when I first discovered Silhouette Desire novels my life has been all about reading. I would find myself re-writing scenes if I wasn’t happy with them and hiding them under my bed. That led me to writing love stories of my own. They all ended up under the bed and are still there, and there they will stay. I don’t do angst, in fact it drives me crazy.
I am a mum of three beautiful girls, Australian, and have what most say is a weird sense of humor.
I spend my free time doing movie, Sons of Anarchy, and Friends marathons. And reading.
I love Pina Colada’s and getting caught in the rain….. there’s that weird humor.


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