Series Cover Re-reveal for Finding Focus Series by Jiffy Kate

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Finding Focus Series by Jiffy Kate has a new look!

Book 1, Finding Focus is #FREE at this time!

Grab it while it is free!

Finding Focus: A Friends to Lovers Romantic Comedy (Finding Focus Series Book 1) by [Jiffy Kate]

#1Click Finding Focus: 


In their debut novel, Jiffy Kate bring you a story of love, adventure, and finding a place to call home.

Sheridan “Dani” Reed is a recently unemployed photojournalist living in New York City. Her boyfriend is vacationing without her, and her best friend has abandoned her for a job in the south.

Is a quarter-life crisis a thing?

Join Jiffy Kate in this second book of the Finding Focus series as they take you back to where it all started.

Chasing Castles: He is all her heart has ever known.

“I know we’ve done things slowly, but I’ve loved you since I knew what it meant to love someone.”

Chasing Castles: A Second Chance Brother's Bestfriend/Bestfriend's Little Sister Romance (Finding Focus Series Book 2) by [Jiffy Kate]



Fighting Fire: Fire is a fickle bitch.

This is a continuation of Micah and Dani’s story from Finding Focus.

Fighting Fire: A Fighting For Love Happily Ever After (Finding Focus Series Book 3) by [Jiffy Kate, Nichole Strauss]



Taming Trouble: Tucker should be spelled T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

The day Tucker Benoit left his father’s farm in French Settlement to pursue his love of music was the best day of his life.

Or so he thought…

Taming Trouble: An Enemies to Lovers Single Parent Romance (Finding Focus Book 4) by [Jiffy Kate, Nichole Strauss]



unnamed (37)

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