Excerpt Reveal for Stirred by Charity Ferrell

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Stirred by Charity Ferrell is coming May 19! Don’t miss the first book in the Twisted Fox Series!


Stirred (Twisted Fox Book 1) by [Charity Ferrell]

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“I wasn’t yours,” I repeat with a bowed head before tilting it up, my eyes set on her, hoping she can read the honesty in them. “I was a different man then. And I’m not spouting this bullshit because Heather is no longer around and I see you as a second choice.” I slap my hand over my heart. “I let you in, Jamie, even when I’d sworn the door would never open again. I did that, not with the intention or the thought of the feelings emerging, because you’re the kindest fucking soul I know. I opened myself up because you’re beautiful, inside and out. I tried to keep my distance, with not being around when you saw Noah, but that didn’t work.” My heart hammers against my chest. “I fucking crave you, Jamie. As much as I want to stop it, I can’t.”

Her jaw drops as she gawks at me, and I stand in front of her.

“This is it. Me handing my heart to you, giving you the decision to stay here, kiss me again, or tell me to fuck myself. It’s your call, and if you leave, I’ll never bring this up again. I won’t take Noah away from you. We can speak in passing and remain friends.”

I kneel down on one knee, our eyes on the same level, and hers are glossy as they stare at me.

“It’s time we set this straight, and by setting it straight, I’m letting you make the decision. You have more to lose than I do. Me? I’m one hundred percent in. There’s no question that the feelings I have for you are much more than platonic. You make the call.”

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