Release Blitz for Shattered Trust by Liberty Parker



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DreamCatcher MC Book 3


USA Today BestSelling Author Liberty Parker

Shattered Trust : DreamCatcher MC by [Liberty Parker]



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One night with Kruger was enough to ruin me for any other man. But knowing that he only thought of me as a friend, and didn’t remember what we did, I knew I couldn’t stay and watch him work his way through the club bunnies. I fled back to Florida, unaware that I was taking a piece of Kruger with me while leaving him my heart.




If I was ever meant to claim a woman, it would be someone like Stella. Only, I’m a hard man; my father made sure I knew not to trust a woman and an ex hammered that point home. While I hate that she went back to Florida, I let her go so that she could have the life I’ll never be able to give her.


But all that changes when we receive a phone call that Stella’s been hurt in an accident. Finding out that I fathered a child on that fateful night, has me heading to Florida to get my son and discover why Stella thought it would be a good idea to hide him from me. Once again, my trust has been shattered by a woman.


Back in Texas, while trying to acclimate myself to the fact that I’m a father, we’re faced with old and new enemies. Will the cement wall around my heart crumble or will I be content to co-parent my son with his mother?


➤ Models:  Robert Kelly & Kayce Kyle

➤ Photographer:  Dante Dellamore

➤Cover Designer:  Tracie Douglas – Dark Water Covers


➤ Liberty’s website:

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