Release Blitz for That’s The Way I Loved You by Carrie Aarons

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That’s the Way I Loved You

by Carrie Aarons is now live!

This book is a small town, second chance romance inspired by the movie Sweet Home Alabama, and it will give you ALL the feels!

Read it now:

Beautiful couple spend time in a summer park

This town ain’t big enough for the two of us.
Which is why I left.
I was determined never to return to Hale, Texas. But when my new life in the Big Apple throws me a curve ball, I have to go back to tie up loose ends. One of those being him.
Jason Whitney was my first everything. Kiss, love, epic heartbreak. He shattered my world once upon a time, and apparently, he’s not done yet.
With old demons lurking around every corner, hightailing it out of my hometown is at the top of my list. Complete my unfinished business, and I get to leave any memory of my country existence behind.
Only, with each day I spend in it, with each moment I spend with him, I’m turning back into the girl who laid in the tall grass and swam in the creek all those years ago.
And I’m not sure that who I was is ready to let me go again.
We drew a line down the middle, and neither of us has crossed it.
That is, until Savannah Reese blew back into our hometown.
The day my high school sweetheart left, she took my whole heart with her. We promised each other forever, made plans that only teenagers could believe in, and crashed and burned on the grandest of scales.
When Savannah last saw me, I was a disgraced high school athlete. All washed up, I took it out on the only person who loved me. Then her world really fell apart, and I was too selfish to care.
Now she’s back, ready to sell the only remaining thing tying us to each other. I’ve been breaking my back for the last ten years not to think about her, not to be reminded of the love we shared.
But now that she’s right here, it’s impossible to forget how we used to be. Or let go of what we still are.
Beautiful couple spend time in a summer park

My Review:

That's the Way I Loved YouThat’s the Way I Loved You by Carrie Aarons

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just loved how real this book was! The characters were real, with real people problems and real people lives. And I love just how truly southern it was! (It really felt like the author knew what it is like living in the south!) It’s definitely one that resonates with my little Southern Heart!

Savannah is one of those girls. She’s had her own set of problems that lead to her leaving everything behind and heads for the big city lights. When life and circumstances lead her back to her home town, the one she left behind is suddenly right there in front of her, and she has to rethink all of those decisions she made so long ago.

Jason loved Savannah with everything he had, until his world blew up, and in the process of loosing everything, he lost her too. When she comes back to town, he remembers how good it was, how perfect it was, and is determined to remind her of the good times!

This book is full of the charm and hospitality that the South is known for! What is that saying? You can take the girl out of the South, but you can’t take the South out of the girl?!? This book definitely proves that. Savannah’s years in the city could not take her heart away from her home town, no matter how hard she tried. And Jason was just the perfect Southern male to show her that! This book felt like coming home!

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Beautiful couple spend time in a summer park

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