Calling the Biker’s Bluff (Dogs of Fire MC: Savannah Chapter Book 7) by Piper Davenport


It was supposed to be an easy job. Fast money with no complications. Then she showed up and changed the game. Now I have to decide whether to hold my cards close to the cut, or go all in and risk losing everything.

I am the lucky bearer of one dumbass older brother who fancies himself a high-roller. I should disown him, but he’s my only family, and when he’s not on a losing streak, he’s pretty decent. But now, he’s dragged me into a world I have no business being a part of, and I see no way out.

But then Otter steps to the table and I must decide if I cash out or ante up.

My Review:

Calling the Biker's Bluff (Dogs of Fire MC: Savannah Chapter Book 7)Calling the Biker’s Bluff by Piper Davenport

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As with all of the DOF MC books, you can expect heat, action, danger, and romance, all rolled into one amazing story. Otter and Shiloh’s story kept me on the edge of my seat, and just when I thought I knew what was coming next, the author threw something totally different at me! Just how I like it!

Otter is …….an enigma. Even after reading his story, he is still a mystery. We get bits and pieces of his past, and we know about his present, but he seems to hold things close to his chest. And I’m pretty sure the author did that on purpose. And I do love a mysterious man! It gives the story so much more depth, especially in Otter’s case. He is the club, and he lives for his club, but there is so much more to him!

Shiloh, on the other hand, is an open book. She is giving, and trusting, and loving, exactly what a guy like Otter needs. Family means so much to her, and she will do whatever she can, even if it lands her in trouble!

I finished this book in one sitting. I could not put it down! The danger surrounding the events of this book sucked me in and would not let go! I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed Otter and Shiloh. It definitely is a great addition to the Dogs of Fire MC world, and one I’d recommend you get your hands on ASAP!

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