Release Blitz for Beautiful Monster by Sara Cate


Title: Beautiful Monster
Author: Sara Cate
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 9, 2020
Playboy. Socialite. Frivolous and Wicked.

Alexander Caldwell needs to settle down.

Hence the giant white house he just bought in the suburbs.

The one that backs up to the house filled with three single women living in it.

They all have their sights set on him…but it’s her he can’t
get out of his head.Alexander has absolutely no place getting involved with a teenage girl with the
world in her eyes.

But he does.

Tortured. Lonely. Desperate to run.

Sunny Thorn needs to get out of her mother’s house.

To do that, she needs money.

Hence taking the job painting a mural in Alexander Caldwell’s pool house.

The man whose eyes follow her. The man with the sculpted jaw and commanding
presence. The man who is way too old for her.

When Sunny has the chance to get out of Pineridge and start a future of her
own, he should let her go.

But he doesn’t.

Beautiful Monster is a standalone age-gap forbidden romance from the author
of the Wicked Hearts series.

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“Dance with me, rain cloud.”
“Don’t call me that,” she mutters.
“I’ll call you what I want.”
She shakes her head but keeps it down, her eyes glued to the
paint on the tray.
“Dance with me,” I say again, my tone more commanding this
When she doesn’t move, I snake my hand around her waist and
pull her off the scaffolding. I expect her to fight, but she doesn’t. She lets
me pull her to her feet, and once I have her in front of me, she stares at me
with an emotionless stare. It’s my favorite expression of hers.
“You’re mad at me,” I say, twisting her hips in my hand. Her
body brushes against mine, and I realize how dangerous this is if I want to
keep things the way they should be between us.
No response. Her body moves easily in my hands but only
because she’s letting me.
She’s driving me crazy on purpose. With her big eyes trained
on the wall behind me and those pouty lips pursed in annoyance, my patience
wears thin.
I can’t go another fucking second denying this thing between
Digging my hands into her hair, I pull her close and
whisper, my mouth only inches away from her ear, like a secret. “You’re mad
that I kissed her because you want me to kiss you.”
Author Bio
Sara Cate writes contemporary romance about bikers, bad
boys, hunks, and softies–all rolled into one. She has a soft spot for
redemption stories and forbidden romance.
You can find more information about her at
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