Release Blitz for The Vows We Break by Serena Akeroyd & G.A. Mazurke

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NOW LIVE!!! The Vows We Break by Serena Akeroyd & G.A. Mazurke is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!

This is a deliciously dark, divine binge read that will leave you speechless!” – Goodreads reviewer

a hauntingly beautiful and dark story… THIS IS A MUST READ!!!!” – Goodreads reviewer


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Savio lives by them. 


I exist in them. 

Obsessed with a picture, I’m in Rome to get over writer’s block, but more importantly, I’ve come to the Eternal City to find someone.

Savio is a broken soul. A French-Italian priest in the capital of the Catholic world, he preaches religious tenets he no longer believes in.

He’s also the man I’m looking for.

A priest who makes sinners pay. 

Who makes them burn for the temptations into which they fall.

I exist to tempt him, my sole purpose is to save him, and my end goal is Savio—in my bed. My heart. My life.

He’s a fallen soul, desperately in need of a future that takes him away from the sinners who deserve to lose their lives for the evil they reap.

Can I make him break his vows, make him fall to save both our souls before the Devil can embrace us both?


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