Agony (Entangled Hearts Duet #1) by Kaylee Ryan



Cooper Reeves was the boy-next-door. Every milestone, every memory of my youth was entangled with his.

We were inseparable… until college.
It wasn’t his friends, girls or even sports that came between us— it was me.

Tired of being in the friend zone, I finally made a move. Turns out it was the wrong one.

Cooper walked away to play his first year of professional football and left me behind with a broken heart.


It’s always been her. Even before I really knew what love was, Reese Latham was by my side, making me swear we’d be best friends forever.

And we were… until one night changed everything. I knew how she felt because I felt it too, but I pushed her away to save our friendship.

The longer we’re apart, the more I realize she’s not only my best friend, Reese is the love of my life.

I was kidding myself thinking I could let her go because now I know that living without her is the worst kind of agony.

My Review:

Agony (Entangled Hearts Duet #1)Agony by Kaylee Ryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m sitting her, balling my eyes out! Big, ugly tears! I knew, with this being a duet, before I even opened this one, that there would be a cliffie. And we all know that I do not like those at all. But, I also knew this author would make it worth it in the end. So opened it up, and started reading.

Cooper and Reese. Reese and Cooper. They have been besties since early childhood. And that’s all it was. These two tugged at my heart strings. It was hard to see how much it hurt each of them, holding their feelings back, not admitting them, even to themselves. They grew up together, went to college together, and then adulthood reared its ugly head. People grow up and move apart, move on with their lives. Nothing stays the same.

This book was perfectly named. Their heartache killed me! Put my emotions through the ringer! Their connection was beautiful to see, but still hard to watch at the same time. It is definitely not one to read at work, or in public, because it will bring out those tears! And definitely be ready for a cliffie, because their story isn’t finished! It’s really just getting started, and I can’t wait for their HEA!

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