Feral (Wolf Ranch #3) by Renee Rose & Vanessa Vale


Pack Rule #3: The alpha must mate.

The stronger the alpha, the greater the danger.
Moon madness could claim me any time now.
I’ve looked all over the continent, gone to mating games, but I still haven’t found the she-wolf meant to be my mine. I’ve already become too feral in bed.
I’m not safe—not for random females. Especially not the human variety.
One just moved into the ranch next door. She’s way too tempting. And I’m way too dangerous.
I have to stay away. I don’t dare get near her.
Because I would die before I ever let anything harm the little human.
Including me.

My Review:

Feral (Wolf Ranch #3)Feral by Renee Rose

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series! This book! Each one just gets better, hotter, more exciting! And Feral, Rob’s story, just blew me away! I absolutely could not get through this one fast enough. The pace of the story starts out at breakneck and just proceeds from there. At times, I felt like I was not reading, I was just along for the ride, and holding on for dear life! It’s one of those stories that has your heart racing, your pulse pounding, and your brain struggles to keep up, until the very end, when you finally say “oh, yeah! It all makes sense now!”

The last of the wolf brothers. The one most at risk of moon madness. Rob is getting close, with no prospects in sight. He wants what his parents had. What his brothers have. That true connection that only a mate can bring. But it keeps getting harder to resist the pull, harder to keep from giving in. And then he finds it. But in someone who couldn’t possibly be right. Unless, she really is!

I’m absolutely loving this series by these two authors. Cowboys. Shifters. Insta-love connections. How could I not adore these stories! But seriously, this book packed so much emotion! I could feel Rob’s hopelessness, his bitterness at times, and then on the other hand, his absolute resolve to do what was best for his pack, and himself. It definitely hit me right in the feels!


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