Wild Night (Wilder Irish #10) by Mari Carr


Frenemies Romance

Confirmed bachelor Colm is living the good life with a thriving law practice and all the freedom the playboy has come to enjoy. Until a city-wide blackout and the greatest sex he’s ever had has him reconsidering his single status. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize the woman of his dreams is actually his lifelong frenemy, Kelli.

After a few too many drinks at a Halloween party, Kelli spends the night in the arms of a man who rocks her world. However, when she learns her mystery Mr. Right is Mr. Hell No, Colm Collins, she’s ready to run for the hills.

But Colm refuses to accept just one wild night with her. He wants them all and the sexy man plays dirty.

My Review:

Wild Night (Wilder Irish #10)Wild Night by Mari Carr

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is one hilarious “I did not see that coming” after another! I was rolling with laughter right from the beginning, and did not stop until the ending! Colm and Kelli are definitely contenders for my favorite couple of the series.

Colm is living his best life, single and happy about it. Making no excuses, he lives his life the way he wants. He is one of those “work hard, play harder” kind of guys. (Totally a typical bachelor!) But he is always there for his family, any time, any place! But a crazy, unexpected set of circumstances has him reevaluating everything he thought he wanted out of life!

This book give new meaning to “comedy of errors”. If it could go wrong, it did. But when what you didn’t think you wanted, leads to an HEA, you know it all works out like it was meant to! I love that this series visits old favorite characters from he previous series, and that we are getting to see the kids, all grown up and finding their own forever loves! And you have to love Pop Pop! He is still as spry, and full of good advice as ever! Definitely a must read for anyone who loves the original series, for anyone that loves a good laugh, or just anyone that loves romance! Amazing story, amazing series!

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