Hott and Taken (The Hott Brothers Book 1) by Leah Sharelle


Welcome to HHH Cattle. Where triplets Lenoxx, Hendrixx and Fenixx Hott navigate their way though the minefield of love.

Lenoxx Hott once had everything he ever wanted in life, the love of the right woman and his ring on her finger. Then one day, he lost it all, changing him irrevocably.
Now, cold and untrusting, Noxx uses the pain to forge ahead and become one of Australia’s youngest and most successful CEO’s, the gaping hole in his heart serving as a reminder that he could trust no one but his brothers.
Four years after the love of his life walked away from him without an explanation, Noxx decides it is time for answers, Makena was going to tell him why she destroyed their lives whether she was ready for him or not.
With his heart firmly under control, Noxx forces his way back into Makena’s life. He thinks it is going to go all his way, but he didn’t count on his wife’s fighting spirit, her strength or the attraction he still felt for her.
He also didn’t expect to find Makena had some secrets, huge life changing secrets.
Will Makena’s deception ruin him all over again, or is he still well and truly taken?

My Review:

Hott and TakenHott and Taken by Leah Sharelle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve read each book by this author as they’ve been released, and not been disappointed yet! Right from the beginning, her books have been filled with hard living, alpha males, and strong female characters. Each book has been connected to the previous, through characters, through events, through family. Yet this series is completely new, unconnected to any of the others, and about cowboys, of all things! I’m equal parts apprehensive, and excited beyond belief! I mean don’t get me wrong, I like cowboys. What’s not to like?!? But what do I know about Aussie cowboys? Are they the same as the ones we have here, at home? But then, I put it all aside, and opened the first page. Next thing I knew, I was turning the last page, in a total stupor. What an amazing story!

This is another of those genres I love so much. Second chance, what happens when happily ever after, isn’t so happy? Lenoxx and Makenna were young lovers, ready to take on the world, just to be together, to have their chance at their happily ever after. Until the unexpected tore them apart, seemingly forever. There were harsh feelings on both sides, covering up all of those wonderful love feelings. Life goes on, until suddenly, they are thrown back together again, neither knowing what they want to do about it. I absolutely love knowing that even in the most dire circumstances, HEAs always find a way to prevail!

This was such an amazing intro to this series, and I really felt like I was dropped into a world that I’d never been to before. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a country girl at heart, born and raised, so lots of their day to day activities were very familiar to me. That being said, the author kept true to her homeland, using local dialect, that just made me feel like I really was right there with them! This book was fun, and I enjoyed being there for them to find their HEA, but there were also enough serious, dramatic parts to keep the story moving along! I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the other two brothers! I’m sure their stories will be just as amazing as this one was!

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