Pre-Order Blitz for Ignoring the Rules by Loni Ree

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99c PRE-ORDER!!!

Ignoring the Rules by Loni Ree

releases August 24!!!

He’s ignoring the rules and getting his girl.

Pre-order now for only 99c!


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Cover Design: Sarah Kil Creative Studio
Cover Photo: Wander Aguiar
Cover Model: Ben Smith

Jake Thomas doesn’t believe in love at first sight. He refuses to believe his sister is really in love with a guy she met less than a week ago. When his sister refuses to listen to reason, he storms away before getting into a fight with a man twice his size. Needing one night out to forget his problems, Jake wanders into the Wayward Ways bar and ends up getting the surprise of his life.  One look at the stunning waitress walking his way and Jake knows he’s not leaving here without her. Little Bianca Russo has grown into a beautiful woman, and Jake wants her for himself. He doesn’t care if it’s against her brother’s rules.

There’s one big problem, Bianca turns him down flat. After spending years lusting after her brother’s best friend, Bianca has moved away and gotten over Jake Thomas. She refuses to give the jerk anymore of her time.  He can take his sugary promises and move on.

Jake isn’t taking no for an answer. He plans on showing Bianca they were always meant to be. Jake is ignoring the rules and getting his girl.


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#1 Keeping Liberty – only 99c!


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