Vienna Bargain by Lila Dubois


She betrayed him, and now she has no choice but to accept his bargain. Prison…or three weeks with him at his secluded villa.

Three weeks not just as his sub, but as his BDSM slave.

She’s totally at the mercy of a man whose touch is so intense she broke her own rules: she slept with him, and worse, she let her emotions get involved.

Can she keep her secrets when his touch, and her own traitorous heart, make her want to give in and fall in love?

My Review:

Vienna BargainVienna Bargain by Lila Dubois

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Boom! This book has just absolutely blown my little mind! Aside from the absolutely scorching heat, undeniable connection, and enticing story line, this book has crazy twists and turns that I’m still struggling to catch up to. My heart is beating fast, and I still can’t quite believe what I just read! Beware, that ending is a doozy of a cliff hanger!

Picking up where Vienna Betrayal left off, this story is just another step in the story of Alexander and Alena, but a necessary one. As harsh as their story is at times, there is still an underlying connection between them that is beautiful in it’s confusion. Both are fighting against themselves, as well as each other, to play out this “game” that they are both involved in. There is so much that is hidden, so much that is alluded to, that my mind is racing the entire time I’m reading, and still even now, after I’ve finished, I’m thinking about how it can possibly be concluded. As amazing as Vienna Betrayal, and Vienna Bargain were I can only imagine what the author has in store for these two! This book, this entire series, is one that is exciting, daring, and even a little dangerous! But what else would you expect from The Orchid Club?!?


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