Primal Hunger (Primal Howlers MC Book 4) by Piper Davenport


My life is chaos. I’ve been on a downward spiral since losing my sister a year ago, but a call from an old biker friend in Monument, Colorado might just provide a much-needed change of scenery, and reignite my passion for the road.

Unfortunately, not every new start is a clean start. Especially, when a gorgeous blonde wraps herself around my heart and I realize she might just heal me in ways I could never have expected. But she wants something else. Something I’m not sure I’m willing to give.

I’m a reluctant MC princess, and quite frankly, I’m over the life entirely. I’ll happily ditch my crown if it means I can graduate and find a nice, boring man to take me away.

The problem is, the heart wants what the heart wants, and when it steers me toward a new club prospect, I’m forced to make a choice. Stay within the safety of my father’s grimy, yet gilded tower, or walk away from the only man who can satiate my hunger.

My Review:

Primal Hunger (Primal Howlers MC Book 4)Primal Hunger by Piper Davenport

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First impression? Prospect and the MC Princess? I can see some fireworks coming from this pairing! But getting past who they are, Aero and Violet are just two people, trying to find their place. Find out where they belong.

Aero left his home, trying to get away from memories that haunt him. He is trying to find himself, find who he is now, where he belongs, where he wants his life to take him. And he finds the MC princess that he isn’t supposed to want, should stay away from, but he just can’t.

Violet was brought up as the MC Princess. But she doesn’t want that life for herself. She wants the freedom that comes with being on the outside, on her own, an average person, living her life. She doesn’t want a guy from the MC. Or so she thinks. Life has a way of giving us what we need, even if it isn’t what we think we want!

Aero and Violet are absolutely perfect together! Their story is so sweet, but it doesn’t lack for excitement. Even though they are exactly what each other needs, a lot stands in the way of their HEA. It’s not an easy road, but it’s their path to happiness. And it’s exactly the right path for them! This was a fun story, one that I’m so glad I got to read! Definitely one I’d recommend, along with the rest of Howlers!

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