Kyle, Jack, & Ryan: Devil Souls MC Novellas by LeAnn Ashers


– KYLE –
The second my eyes met hers, the world as I knew it stopped. All I could see was her. She took over my life and gave me everything I never even imagined I needed.

But her demons haunt her.

Luckily for her, I am a devil himself and demons are mine to handle.

– RYAN –
She came face-to-face with an entire club to protect her daughter.

I never expected to fall in love with her or to love her daughter like my own. But one thing is certain…

I will do anything to keep them safe, even if I have to kill every single member of the Satans Rejects MC to accomplish it.

I knew it the second I saw her crazy smile—she was for me. I put her on the back of my bike and brought her home with me, claiming her on the spot.

Someone from her past resurfaces and tries to take her from me.

Little does he know, he’s digging his own grave because to get to her, he needs to get through me.

My Review:

Kyle, Jack, & Ryan: Devil Souls MC NovellasKyle, Jack, & Ryan: Devil Souls MC Novellas by LeAnn Ashers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When you read a series, there are always peripheral characters. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that aren’t main characters, but are still an important part of the story. I always wonder, “What’s their story? How did they meet? Who are they?” and so much more. These are the stories of some of those characters, from the Devil Souls MC world. This book answers so many questions, and fill in so many of the back stories of the Devil Souls, and who they are!

Chrystal and Kyle: Chrystal had such a hard background, her story is a bit harsh. But Kyle was there to save her, and their story is so sweet! He is definitely hard enough to be the MC president, but he is still a big old teddy bear with his woman!

Jack and Jean: Their story is every bit as hilarious as I expected! Jean definitely lives up to the reputation she built through out the rest of the Devil Souls MC series, and is totally my favorite! Their story isn’t as harsh as some of the others, but I just can’t stop laughing at their antics! And I’ve totally fallen in love with Jean’s family! (Hope to hear more from them!)

Ryan and Myra: We got a bit of their story in other parts of the series, but only as a side note for other’s HEAs. We knew they were together, but not how they got there. I’m so glad we finally get their own story! It was everything I expected, and so much more!

This book of novellas was so much fun! I always love getting back stories, finding out how the main characters got to where they are, and this book fed my love of continuity! It was fun seeing how some of my favorite side characters became who they are. And just a little hint, they author left a couple of little bombs woven into the stories. I can’t wait to see where she takes them!

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