Cover Reveal for If He Only Knew by Jennifer Marie


Title: If He Only Knew
Author: Jennifer Marie
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Seven Rue

Release Date: September 16, 2020


Luca and Finley were best friends and have been secretly
in love with each other for years.
Now, on the verge of leaving, Finley is afraid to share
how she feels, even though everything inside her screams that she should.
Despite being young, she has always known they were
destined to belong to each other.
Luca’s sexy smirk and genuine heart are enough to
brighten her days, but what she loves most is how he can speak to her with just
a look.
Finley O’Brien and Luca Ferraro have been inseparable since
meeting in second grade. They have secretly longed for each other for just as
long but have been too afraid to cross the line that could potentially destroy
With Luca’s departure looming closer, it pushes them to make
a choice; finally admit their more than friendly feelings or walk away from
what could be true love.
If being honest about their affections was difficult, the
curve ball that is thrown their way will flip their world upside down. They say
true love can conquer all, but will Finley and Luca stay true when their bond
is being tested at every turn?

“For the longest
time, I’ve been in love with you. I think it happened the first day of second
grade. I was so nervous being in a new school, but then I sat next to you and
you were the first person to talk to me. You changed my world forever that day,
with just a smile.”


Author Bio

Marie is a teacher and a debut author. One of her greatest passions of all time
is reading romance novels. Any day of the week you can usually find her reading
a book. Writing a romance novel was always something she strived to achieve,
and now, with her new book, If He Only Knew, she has made it a
When she is not reading, writing or teaching, she likes to spend her time
painting, completing puzzles, or playing with her dog. Jennifer was born and
raised on Long Island, in New York, and now resides in sunny Florida.

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